Metod Češek (1981), born in Yugoslavia, is a Slovenian poet, publicist, essayist, and lyricist. His poetry, haiku and tanka have been published in journals and anthologies worldwide – the UK, the USA, Japan, India, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Croatia, and Slovenia.

He has also worked as translator from English on Dimitar Anakiev’s collection of tanka “Spontaneous Mind” and translated haiku of Austrian poet Dietmar Tauchner. With Metod’s lyrics “Sončen dan” a renown Slovenian etno-folk-rock band Orlek participated at the Slovenian pop/rock festival. In 2016 Metod’s essay has been nominated for the best Slovenian essay of the year.

He attended Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana, where he studied kinesiology and exercise science. His final work was titled The role of politics in football. He also writes on animal welfare and humanistic aspects of sport.

One of Metod’s occupation is making a driftwood art, creating wooden sculptures, lamps, mirrors and other decorative pieces from the waste/rotten wood. For this purposes he establish the dEKOr brand. He finds driftwood at the local lakes, rivers, and also forests. His goal is to revitalize the waste/rotten wood, making only minimal interventions in the wood in order to accentuate its natural beauty and warmth. With great respect for nature.

He has also been a Transcendental Meditation (TM) practitioner over a decade.